Grocery shopping is the worst!  It was always such an event in my house. I like to think that maybe I’d enjoy it if I could do it alone, but my guts says I’m kidding myself.  Our trips were a hassle and I always felt guilty. Perhaps it is the stereotypes we grow up with, I was supposed to be the little lady who filled the cabinets and prepared meals.  That leads to another issue, I also hate to cook. It’s a miracle that someone wanted to marry me. I’m no June Cleaver.

On the bright side, I am always happy to clean or organize cabinets. Make a big mess and I’ll clean it with a smile.

Our grocery shopping trips followed the same routine. My husband would come along to push the cart. Together we wander up and down the aisles tossing stuff in the cart. Then we would get to the checkout and stand in line forever. My husband would unload 95% of the stuff to be checked out while I attempted to help. Afterwards he’d push the cart to the car and load it up.  Once we got home the process started again and he would take trips unloading all the bags while I held the door. I made a point to always put everything away since he did all the work up to that point.  Once my son was born it became even crazier since he was hauling groceries and our son.  UGH

When I was pregnant I decided to first try Peapod.  I went to the site and browsed the aisles of food from the comfort of my couch.  All I had to do was click what I wanted, select a delivery date and before I knew it the truck pulled up and brought my groceries to my front door.

It was amazing. I was in love. 

Using Peapod meant one less chore for my husband and one less thing I had to depend on others to do.  When I lived alone I would grab items from the store if there was someone to take me, otherwise I’d just buy a few things here and there from a store within walking distance. I’d buy as much as I could carry.  I’m sure you can imagine how much milk and protein I was getting during those years.

Peapod is not always cheap. You are paying for the convenience but I have found ways to make it work. I watch for sales on the items we typically purchase and then I’ll buy a bunch.  They offer great promo codes on their Facebook page and with each order you get a coupon for next time.  I usually end up paying about $3 for my delivery fee which seems well worth it. We occasionally will take a trip to the normal grocery store but it’s become clear that it is not worth the hassle. I can now do all our grocery shopping while eating my lunch at work, on my phone app right before I fall asleep in bed, in the car waiting for train, ANYWHERE!   

During the winter months I have always dreaded the wet, slick linoleum floors at the grocery store even though my husband is gre

at at giving me a shout out for upcoming wet patches. I bet the majority of you have never thought about how the produce aisle is risky terrain!  From dragging a baby out in the cold, having my husband do all the work and the waste of precious time it took out of our evenings – it just was not worth it.

Next time you feel like grocery shopping from your couch, give a try and use the offer above.  I promise you’ll love it too.

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2 thoughts on “hungry?

  1. Even if the food does cost a little more you are still saving the time it takes to make the trip and you can spend it doing things that you actually enjoy. I am not sure if you know, but Peapod does take manufacturer's coupons, you just give them to the delivery driver and they are credited to your account. (or at least it was)


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