I’ve never been bowling. 

Yeah, I have been to a bowling alley plenty of times but never tried throwing a ball or anything. I would usually hang with my friends, play the video games, slurp a soda and maybe keep score for them.

I recently had a night out with my hubby and friends. They wanted to go bowling and I was pushed to give it a try too.  Did you know they have adaptive ramps that you can set the ball on and with a good push it shoots down the lane?  Me either.

I am not a huge fan of using adaptive things.  It makes me stand out and look different. You know, because sitting on the chair doing nothing is so cool.  {eye roll}

I scored an 81 on my first game and then a 95. Sadly, my third game was not all that impressive. I’d like to call it bowler’s fatigue.  Three games is just too much.

5 Things I Learned Bowling:

  1. The shoes are super uncomfortable. I felt like I was walking on cardboard. It also feels slightly gross. Who wore those puppies before me?
  2. Teenagers making out look really stupid.  When I was young I remember witnessing such episodes of PDA and wanted a boyfriend too.  Now I wanted to break them apart and scold them. Does that make me lame…or getting old? Maybe both.
  3. I found out there is unspoken bowlers etiquette. Who knew it was not nice to go bowl when the person next to you was in action!?!
  4. No one cares. I felt like eyes were burning a hole in the back of my head when my turn was up.  But then I would turn around and find that no one was even paying attention.  Everyone was talking, drinking or perhaps making out. 
  5. Bowling involves lots of knuckles and high-fives.  For an AMCer, that a big downer. {sad face}

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3 thoughts on “bowling

  1. Okay, I also went bowling a few times and made similar discoveries:1) Those shoes are disgusting. And do they really make people bowl better? Not me, I'm pretty sure about that since my scores tell me.2) Yes, those teenagers should be kicked out. They think I look at them because I'm jealous or so but really it's more of a stare in disbelief!3) I also found that out and felt so bad about not having been told that earlier.4) SO TRUE!!!5) Ah, yes, I read about how you'd love to high five. Well, when I bowl I only get those "pity high fives" because everybody feels bad about how low I score, not cool either. 🙂


  2. Haaaaa! I loved your comments. The shoes are slippery too. Do they want us to fall and get hurt? How rude! I debated adding #6 about all the Justin Bieber music to be funny but I must confess that I'm a closet fan. 🙂


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