another face in the crowd

Some people want to be noticed.  They rock pink hair. Go goth.  Wear skinny jeans and your grandma’s glasses. Buy big trucks and sport the redneck lifestyle. Show lots of boob. You know the types.

I am not knocking them – it’s just that I always wanted to blend in. 

One of my first memories of that desire was as a kid in school when we played Heads up, Seven Up. Did you ever play that game?  Well, the premise is that a group of kids put their heads down on their desk, close their eyes and make a fist with their thumb up. Another set of kids tip toe around and each select a kid’s thumb to push down. The kids with their thumbs down then guess who did it.  I hated playing. They always knew it was me. The click of my crutches gave me away.  I also can’t make a fist so the whole game was a reminder that I was different.

Another time I wanted to blend in was Halloween. That sounds a little ironic, I know.  It’s just hard to be a super hero, sexy nurse, or butterfly on crutches. It makes no sense. Halloween parties tend to involve booze. Which triggers extra friendly people and lots of questions on why I added crutches to my costume.

I’m sure we all have felt this way to a certain degree. What things in life make you wish you were just another face in the crowd?

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