I noticed that a lot of my posts talk about challenges and things I wish I could change. In celebration of Thanksgiving this past week, here are 6 things that I am grateful for in this life (there are a ton more, I could profess my strange love for potatoes and rainy days but I don’t want to scare you away with TMI and information overload).  

Smart peeps
Doctors, therapists, etc may think they are just doing their jobs. Going to work and going through the motions, but they changed me. They fixed my body, taught me things and made me strong.  The nerd in me likes to think they had a little Private Practice and Greys going on and steamy love triangles were brewing when they were not saving the world. Makes them extra cool. 

Family and faith
Our family is huge. We have a giant support network of people who would drop everything to help.  Even though we can’t see them often, the love remains the same. I get the same unconditional love from the one who created us all. Now that’s priceless.

I love gadgets. iAnything…I want them all.  I also love social media. If you really stop and ponder– it’s AWESOME. It has connected me to so many interesting people around the world.

Eyes and ears
I love the ability to see and hear. Being able to see my son’s sweet face and hear him say mama is amazing. If I were ever to lose one of these gifts, I pray it’s my not hearing.  It’s safe to say AMC and sign language are NOT friends.

My husband
Yeah, I know he falls under “family” but I think he’s fantastic enough to get his own category. He is adorable, funny and brilliant. I learn from him daily and love to watch him as we move through the different phases in life. Seeing him as a dad leaves me with no words. He’s perfect.

Ruffles, lip gloss and clothes (lots and lots of them)
I’m really thankful to be a girl. Life without these things seems boring and sad. The more ruffles, the better! {grins}

What are you thankful for this year?

One thought on “thankful

  1. You covered many wonderful things to be thankful for above. This holiday season I'm most thankful for random acts of kindness. It's refreshing and touching when someone goes out of their way to do something for another person, especially when they expect nothing in return. Happy Holidays!


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