random kindness

I never know who actually reads this blog. I know my mom does because she’s the type to print everything out (you know, the generation that likes a hardcopy of everything) and my friends do so I will stop bugging them.  Most of the time I write stuff for me or out of the hopes some girl or parent out there in cyberland will take away a good tip, perspective or maybe a giggle from my banter.

The other day someone pretty awesome appeared at my desk, I say this with respect – but to put it in bluntly, she’s the big dog in the office, a mountain mover, the big kahuna, who I want to be when I grow up!  

She wanted to let me know that they ordered me a new laptop computer for work.  She had read my airports post and wanted me to have a computer that didn’t kill my armpits when I travel for work and during the journey going home and back to the office every day. This totally took me by surprise and I almost cried.  Okay, so I actually teared up but I didn’t want to scare her so I got a grip.

If you need a laptop that is light to carry I recommend the Dell Latitude E4200.  It’s about 2lbs and so amazingly light and easy to hold.  At home we are Mac users and I have a MacAir.  That is an awesome armpit friendly computer too in case your heart belongs to Apple.

Random acts of kindness mean so much more than a pile of gifts this holiday season and this one totally touched me.  I hope to keep the spirit alive and find a way to touch another too.   


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