things that rock

I have started this new year being a pretty terrible blogger.  Life here has been consumed with returning to work after taking a bunch of time off for the holidays, freelance work at night and writing a story for Metroparent magazine that highlighted some amazing parents with disabilities from my community. I totally loved every second of interviewing and writing that piece, I’ll share more once it’s published. 

My year has also started off with a few gadgets and some new shoes in the mix. I’m excited to share them, maybe these things could make your life a bit brighter too… 


Okay, go ahead and giggle. I totally dig this thing and even more I love that my husband bought it for me for Christmas.  My right hand is not as strong as my left. So holding a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other is impossible.  Problem solved. Me likes.


In past posts I have mentioned my angst with clubfoot and finding shoes that work. I love a ton of the flats that are in style but couldn’t keep them on my feet. It inspired me to find a shoe tailor and add straps to make them work.  

I’m now a shoe monster, I just can’t have enough. Here are a few of my new friends. Welcome home sweet shoes, welcome home. My closet is happy to meet you!


I live in Wisconsin. Normally our winter is filled with snow, ice and slushy mess – this year has been a strange spring-like treat. We finally got our first snow this past week and I had the chance to test out my new Thomas Fetterman ice tips.

Despite the obvious reasons I should hate winter since I use crutches, I really don’t. I love winter clothes and jackets a lot and so I like to think it makes it all worth it. 

My mother-in-law bought me these new crutch tip covers for Christmas. They are amazing and work really well. I hope to find myself sprawled one less time on the sidewalk this winter and they will be worth every penny.

These three things make me smile. What kind of things make your life twinkle? 

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2 thoughts on “things that rock

  1. 1. My son's swing. I call it my hands-free parenting device. It allows me to feed myself or when I have tired of all of the holding, bouncing, and swinging in my arms, it sometimes gives me a break.2. I like a good hair dryer too. Sometimes I use it to warm up the bathroom before my shower as well as dry my hair.3. An electric lap blanket. My mom had one of these years ago and I am in the market for one again since moving into a drafty apartment.


  2. Ohhhh an electric lap blanket sounds amazing. We have a dual control electric blanket on our bed and I like my side super hot. I am sometimes afraid I might be cooking my "insides" at night while I sleep. 🙂


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