people who suck

Wisconsin winters are usually not fun. Slippery sidewalks, wet floors, focusing to keep my feet and crutches on dry surfaces so I don’t crash.  I think I mentioned in a past post about how I tend to use my handicap sticker mainly when the weather is bad. It makes life a little easier.

Well, this winter season has been amazing. The weather has been unseasonably warm and we have had little snow. My front lawn is still remotely green! It has been fantastic, the best of both worlds. I like cold weather but I also cherish the ease of a non-slippery world.  With all that said, I have a major soapbox with lazy people.  I apologize in advance if I offend anyone that’s not my intent. This is just my personal beef and I know everyone has their reasons. Not my place to judge. But I’m human and I do. Guilty as charged.

I can’t even tell you how often I see people parked in handicapped spots who appear quite capable of the extra 50 steps to park in a normal spot. Every time I go to Walgreens by my house I can’t help but notice a car parked in a handicapped spot with no sticker or a person sitting in a running car while their loved one shops. That’s real neat that they stayed in the car and kept it running, but regardless they are occupying a spot that could be used by a person who actually needs it.  It makes my blood boil.

My son’s daycare is located in a busy area with heavy traffic. However, the side street offers an entire block of angled parking. There are always a ton of open spots.  They also provide one handicapped spot that is located in the daycare driveway.  Next to this spot is empty driveway space that has NO PARKING signs because of the large trash dumpsters. 

It’s amazing how people who can afford to pay 12K+ a year for daycare also never learned how to read. Simply mind blowing.  Every day I observe educated and loving parents park in these restricted spots while they run in to get their children.  I’m horrified by their lack of compassion for others and how they are teaching their kids to bend the rules without even knowing it.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have climbed a snow drift or slowly made my way down an icy sidewalk because the spot was filled by a person with two strong legs. Yep, by a person who can run, jump, carry their baby on their hip and easily tackle the harsh elements. 

With all this said, I am thankful to be me.  I’m not lazy.  I’m the person who gives up my seat to an older person even if they might think I need it more. I respect others.  I hope my son grows with a heart of compassion from living with a mom that’s “different.”  I pray he holds doors, gives up a close parking spot to make life easier for another who really needs it and I also hope he has the courage to {kindly} call out those people who suck.  

falling apart

In my last post I mentioned my new ice tips for my crutches. They are cool and work well, however once you reach safe terrain you have to flip them up so you don’t trash the floor or slip on the metal spikes.  I didn’t think it would be a big deal but I have found that it attracts attention. Every person that crosses my path eyeballs the contraption hanging off my crutches.

I love gadgets so on one hand – it is a cool topic of conversation. However, I am also the girl trying to blend in and avoid being asked how I broke my leg all day long.  So my fancy tips backfired.

In addition to the ice tips, I ordered the Tornado Tips which are normal crutch tips but last longer, have better traction and gel to soften the blow of each step on my arms. They rock but have a fat tip which sets my crutches higher.  As you may remember, I fill my crutches with super glue to make them silent, so this also backfired.

My new shoes (that happen to be super flat) were screaming to be worn and combined with my new extra tall crutches was pure badness.

It seemed fine at first. Heck, my shoes were cute. That’s what’s important, right.  Well, then my shoulder started hurting.  Oh and my arm felt cold. It was like I pinched a nerve and messed up my muscles.  I ignored it for a few days and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I would sit at my desk trying to focus on work but all I could think about was my cold arm and knotted up shoulder.  It was freaking me out.

My workplace offers cool perks which I totally appreciate. We have an onsite massage therapist in our health services clinic.  Before I could waste another second I called them up and made an appointment.   As the massage therapist worked my shoulder, I could feel the tight ball of muscles moving back and forth, she made a comment that they were messed up.  Yep, I was well aware!  

The massage worked wonders and by the next day my shoulder was fine and my arm felt warm.  Apparently cool gadgets and cute shoes come with a price. I am pretty sure that means for now I need to go shopping for some shoes with bigger heels {wink}.  

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