falling apart

In my last post I mentioned my new ice tips for my crutches. They are cool and work well, however once you reach safe terrain you have to flip them up so you don’t trash the floor or slip on the metal spikes.  I didn’t think it would be a big deal but I have found that it attracts attention. Every person that crosses my path eyeballs the contraption hanging off my crutches.

I love gadgets so on one hand – it is a cool topic of conversation. However, I am also the girl trying to blend in and avoid being asked how I broke my leg all day long.  So my fancy tips backfired.

In addition to the ice tips, I ordered the Tornado Tips which are normal crutch tips but last longer, have better traction and gel to soften the blow of each step on my arms. They rock but have a fat tip which sets my crutches higher.  As you may remember, I fill my crutches with super glue to make them silent, so this also backfired.

My new shoes (that happen to be super flat) were screaming to be worn and combined with my new extra tall crutches was pure badness.

It seemed fine at first. Heck, my shoes were cute. That’s what’s important, right.  Well, then my shoulder started hurting.  Oh and my arm felt cold. It was like I pinched a nerve and messed up my muscles.  I ignored it for a few days and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I would sit at my desk trying to focus on work but all I could think about was my cold arm and knotted up shoulder.  It was freaking me out.

My workplace offers cool perks which I totally appreciate. We have an onsite massage therapist in our health services clinic.  Before I could waste another second I called them up and made an appointment.   As the massage therapist worked my shoulder, I could feel the tight ball of muscles moving back and forth, she made a comment that they were messed up.  Yep, I was well aware!  

The massage worked wonders and by the next day my shoulder was fine and my arm felt warm.  Apparently cool gadgets and cute shoes come with a price. I am pretty sure that means for now I need to go shopping for some shoes with bigger heels {wink}.  

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