mommy guilt

I left WI on a dreary Saturday morning to stay a resort in FL for work this week. The weather is perfect, the sky is blue and there is not a single toy on the floor of my hotel. I haven’t watched Batman, Dora, Diego or Blue’s Clues in 48 hours.

The process leading up to my trip was enough to make me want to just stay home….stock the house with groceries, make sure everyone has clean clothes, line up babysitters and fun things for my son to do, get my bags packed…all of this in addition to normal house chores, every day work life, wanting to hang with my hubby and different volunteer obligations.

So once my plane screeched to a hault, I easily embraced my blissful diaper-bag-free life, that is until we FaceTimed tonight. His big blue eyes came on my phone screen and he said, “I wuv you mama” and to make matters worse this was followed by him running in circles, jumping and doing crazy cute dance moves.

Hellooooo mommy guilt.

You never want to miss a second. Kids change so much month-to-month that each second is so precious. Yet it’s so good to be alone, breathe and be able to have a career you love too.  Finding the balance and letting your heart be okay with it is the tricky part. UGH

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