Ponytails. You see girls pulling their hair back as they walk down the sidewalk. In the locker room before gym class. Or even the dreamy DeAndre Brackensick from American Idol who whipped his curly locks into a perfect ponytail every week.

You may have never given it a thought. It takes seconds to do. Unless you have AMC.

We are all different but most of the AMC ladies I connected with have some variation of bent hands, elbows, limited shoulder range and weak hands/fingers. This puts a big fat damper on our ponytail dreams. 

So just like I covet those who can walk, pull a suitcase, talk on the phone and wear heels at the same time – I also want to be you, the girl who easily throws your hair back in a cute pony.

I dream of a machine. It would look kind of like those big hair dryers they once used.  But it would have a vacuum force that would suck back my hair in the perfect fashion (there would be settings…high pony, low pony, pony with volume on top, pony with volume and thin headband) and then robotic fingers would wrap the elastic band around the hair. It would be so awesome. 

I found things that work for around the house. Clips, headbands and combs are easier to do.  They give you a break from the hair but totally not something you’d sport in public. Last time I had my hair cut the stylist started to flat iron it and I was like, “ehh could I actually have a ponytail?” She looked at me like I was off my rocker. She had no idea that having a pony was a treat.

In our AMC Facebook group this pony discussion led to some awesome ideas. I’m hoping that more will come from my stylist friends and family.  We need your help!

Top 5 Tricks I Learned From Fellow AMCers:

  1. Lay on edge of bed or couch – gravity helps pull arms and hair back
  2. Take a long string and put around neck, lean back and pull the string up. Tie a knot, cut the extra string.
  3. Pull hair to the side and braid (I personally think this would be hard or maybe I just need longer hair)
  4. Hair sticks
  5. Ask for help

Most of us hate asking for help – even though the world doesn’t mind – we do. You also don’t want to be picky because you are just glad that they pulled it back.  So you might get stuck with a bumpy pony or one that is not high or low enough.

I joked in the string of comments that AMC girls need to marry stylists.  However, I didn’t marry a stylist but I am eternally thankful to have found a guy who can pull off the perfect ponytail in 30 seconds flat and is not too macho to do it. With every ponytail I love him a little bit more than the day before.

I’m still holding out for my machine though. I think it would make the world a better place.


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