ummm…I want more

My hair gadget from Australia arrived. It worked on the first try, not the prettiest pony on the block, but it served its purpose. I have been trying different ways of doing it to see what works best. Leaning back on couch. Laying on the floor. I have found that being slanted is key to help the hair fall in the right direction and have my hands angled correctly.

The drawback is the long string. What the heck should I do with it? I struggle to wrap it around my pony tight enough to look decent and don’t have the strength to tuck the end so it stays.  Since I have only worn it around the house, I just let the long string hang like a tail. One time it got stuck in the couch cushion and yanked my hair when I stood up. Another time I got it caught in the bathroom door.   

After developing a slight fear of strangulation from this elastic bully, I started tucking it in my shirt.  This instantly decreased my odds of whiplash but I found that the pony slowly slides out from the string being tugged on by my shirt.  Lame.

I appreciate the independence of being able to pull my hair back on my own but I still want more. For now I am holding on to my hopes for a pony machine. Always dream big. 

2 thoughts on “ummm…I want more

  1. So I was just thinking about the hair and elastic thing.. what if you attached a bobby pin to the end of the extra elastic somehow and use one of those reacher/pincher things to wrap it around and then pin the end into the rest of your hair…just a thought and glad you were able to put a ponytail in 🙂


  2. That is a great idea!!! I have found with practice that if I loosely wrap it around my hair and then tuck it under one of the loops at the end and then pul tight that it stays and I can avoid the fight of trying to tuck it under tight elastic. The booby pin trick might work even better, I'll give it a whirl.


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