clever clasp

Like most people, I am not a fan of asking for help.  I love gadgets that make it possible to do things myself.  I willing to bet most ladies out there have struggled putting on a necklace or two, but it’s really hard when you have “AMC hands” on top of it.

I hate to say it but once and awhile infomercials sell some really good stuff. The hands-free dryer I mentioned in my Things That Rock post still is one of my favorites. 

Have you ever used the Clever Clasp?  It is honestly one of the best things out there. You hook the magnetic pieces to the ends of your necklace and then you can avoid having to clasp your necklace shut.

Some might need help getting the magnets hooked to the necklace, but after that you are free to change your necklace as much as you want…without help.

No more going to bed with a huge chunky necklace because you can’t get it off…not that something like that would ever happen to me!  {wink}

Here’s a really terrible video that highlights the amazing Clever Clasp.  My camera cut off the “clasp” 75% of the time but watching it back made me laugh…  I don’t know if As Seen on TV sells these anymore, but I looked on Amazon and saw a bunch for really cheap. 


One thought on “clever clasp

  1. Oh my gosh, I get you sista! NONE of my jewellery gets changed, simply because the struggle is not worth it. My necklace, earrings and nose stud are the same all day, every day. In fact I had to go under a general anaesthetic last year to remove an embedded -into -my -body piece of jewellery as it had completely disappeared.. Looking foward to reading about your new discovery xx


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