superheroes in my car…

I can’t believe an entire month passed since I last posted on here.  It’s pretty terrible. I think of things almost daily that would make great blog posts but it seems like work, laundry, family, friends and well, life in general, sucks up my time.

I’m not so sure how I’m going to find time for my fall TV line-up that’s about to return. My DVR is going to be smoking! {grins}

I went to pick up Oliver from daycare again the other day. This new sense of freedom is amazing. I’m still holding out for the day we go to Target together and can shop alone. Maybe he’ll carry the basket for me. I’ll probably cry. It will be sheer magic.

So back to the whole picking up Oliver from daycare story… All went well, we got in the car, cheered on the way home, I told him how awesome we are and then we landed in our driveway.

The small red button on car seats are brutal, they are so hard to push and totally hurt my finger. 

I climbed in the backseat and fought with it.  Meanwhile, Oliver made grunting noise and comments like, push hard mama, as I fumbled around, sweat dripping down my forehead…thanks to the never-ending heat wave this summer in WI.  {major dislike}

On the seat next to me was a pile of Oliver’s superheroes. I grabbed one and quietly pleaded, Dear Lord, please help me get him out. Oliver smiled at me and said, Dear Lord, help mama. I smiled back at his sweet face and with renewed zest, I attacked the red button with the hard plastic foot of good ol’ Aquaman. 

The button instantly popped open and Oliver scrambled out of the seat.  It was a sweet moment of victory, hearing my son’s first prayer for help and being with him as it was answered.

Life is good.


7 thoughts on “superheroes in my car…

  1. OH boy do I totally get ya sista. Over here we would call it 'good ole kiwi ingenuity'. My thing yesterday was trying to get something in between my seat and hand brake. Not easy. Also not impossible. Good on ya!!!!


  2. Totally hate trying to reach in the side of car seats. The hand doesn't bend that way… I think a few of my favorite earrings are lost under there forever. šŸ™‚


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