hey baby, let’s go for a spin…

I received an email today from a fellow AMCer looking for adaptive ideas on driving.  It’s tough because we all have different challenges and our symptoms vary. 

It was not a big deal for me when I turned 16 because my hands are bent but my elbows are straight. I have enough reach and strength to steer, shift, etc.  My legs are also strong enough to push the gas/brake without any special gadgets.

However, I’m guessing some of you might use some things to help. I’d love it if you could add a comment on here with some ideas on what has worked for you. 

I love watching Little People, Big World to see all the things they have come up with to drive, reach things and live a normal life. 

The smallest tricks can make life so much easier. {like the 1-up ponytail…WOOT}

Please help!



4 thoughts on “hey baby, let’s go for a spin…

  1. One tip shared on my Facebook page: Google adaptive driving/ modified vehicles and their state/country and see if they can refer them to a driving assessment. Might not hurt to contact the state vocational rehab services?


  2. I'm like you Rach, but I struggle immensly driving a manual. In NZ the clutch is far left, brake in the middle and accelerater on far right.My left leg is considerably weaker and it has much less range of motion than my right leg. Hence the fact that I have to lift it onto the clutch and then ride the clutch makes people feel a tad unsafe I'm sure!


  3. I actually have a hand controlled car. one lever that you pull back accelerates, and pushing forward brakes, lever has buttons for signals, horn and break locking.


  4. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. Since AMC is different for everyone, it’s cool to know what options are out there!


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