Luggage Hitch

I’m traveling next week.  I am super thankful to have an awesome
colleague on my flight that is willing to help with my bag.  However,
this is something I need to master so I can travel alone and still use a
suitcase. It’s on my bucket list.

In the past I’d cram everything into a huge duffel bag so I could
sling it over my body. It works…but the bag ends up weighing almost as
much as me and it is brutal.

I noticed this gadget
on the website of my beloved crutch tip designer.  I am completely sold
on his crutch accessories so I’m dying to know if this would work for
me too. I’m going to add it to my “Christmas wish list” so I’ll let you
know how it works.

Anyone have any tips on what you do with hauling luggage when you are
also maneuvering crutches or a chair? Have you ever tapped into the
airport assistance? Was it a hassle?

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