Moving Sidewalks

I spent the last 10 days in London for work.  I could write a small novel on the things I
learned, saw and felt.  It was
amazing.  For now I’m starting at the
beginning.  The airport.

I have used moving sidewalks before but only with my
husband. I’m usually more courageous when I’m with people that know my
capabilities and wouldn’t encourage me to do anything crazy.

The Chicago and London Heathrow airports are massive.  Using the moving sidewalk is a major arm pit
saver but also a touch scary.  Same as
escalators, stepping on to a moving platform and aligning legs and crutches in
sync without a free hand to hold on is intimidating.

My friend Neil gave me the gentle nudge to be brave.  He’s huge so I knew he could catch me before
any major crash happened.   I knew the
gist of how it felt getting on and off from attempts years ago.   So I stepped on, found my balance and the
sidewalk carried us away.  


I understand they put breaks in them so people can get off
but if you don’t need to it just means a lot of scary stops and starts.  After going on and off a bunch of times I
started to get in the groove. Before leaving my country I became a moving
sidewalk ninja!  Thanks Neil.  🙂