Weird Things…

I’m not sure if other AMCers feel this way but sometimes it
is the normal people that make my life hard.  

I might do weird things like not screw the pickle jar lid on
tight, make pill bottles no longer childproof, keep favorite cups and bowls at
a level that I can reach in the cupboard even if the rest are in a different
place, leave gas caps loose, park in a weird place to avoid slants that make
the car door close when I am trying to get out, stab a hole in the chip bag to
open since I can’t grip and pull it apart…. and the list goes on and on.

These quirks are actually quite strategic.  They are my methods of survival.

So with that said, when I reach for Nyquil and it’s screwed on tight or my
favorite cup is up high – I get so annoyed. I know deep down it is not like the world
is trying to mess with me.  My beloved friends and family are just doing what to them is normal.  Still it messes my mojo and suddenly it takes
me twice as long to do something.

Tonight I was driving home in my husband’s car. His gas
light came on and I stopped to fill it up. It was rainy, windy and January in
Wisconsin. So basically it really sucked outside.  A cold that chilled you to the bone.  I fought with his gas cap for like 15
minutes.  Cursing the audacity of putting
the cap on right. 


Finally I gave in and asked the girl at the pump next to me
for help.  She was like 16 and opened
that sucker in like 2 seconds.  What a
show off.  I’m sure it was because I
loosened it up for her.  *wink*

Am I alone or does anyone else do things like this?


5 thoughts on “Weird Things…

  1. As I read this I thought you were talking about me! So true on EVERY point. I too have cursed my husband for doing things "right". When the flow of your day is messed up because someone did things "right", oh. so frustrating!


  2. I have a hard time opening things too. It’s really annoying when the person I’ve asked to help me opens said jar/bottle in one second flat and then proceeds to give me the “you seriously couldn’t open this” look. Which is why I use my teeth to open everything I can (except pickle jars because pickles are gross). Well that and the fact that after 43 years on this planet, I can still drive my poor mother absolutely bananas when I do it. 😉


  3. I can’t say that I do any of those things. I’m one of the luckier AMCers. My right hand is more normal than my left. When I was younger tho, before I figured out my methods I could never open just bought soda bottles. Now, I have gotten stronger and if it’s a two liter I hold in in my legs on the floor. Don’t let your way of life throw you off. If it’s easier to do that, than just do it. Humans are highly adaptive, I’m sure your husband will figure out the gas cap… eventually.


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