Chris P Bacon

I am in love. It comes with some guilt.

I cringe at the thought of being treated differently for having a disability.

Here I sit doing the very thing I hate…but look at that face! Look at that nose!

Have you heard of Chris P Bacon?  

He is crazy cute and I like to think a determined fighter. He is hungry, he wants to play, he’s dying to go places. All he wants is a fair chance at this game of life.

We tend to root for the underdog, err pig, in life…wanting them to shine. Well, my heart thumps for this chunky little porker. I want him to be able to get around and snack-it-up.

He was born without the use of his back legs.  However, some amazing people have used their talents and creativity to help him mosey around. It’s brilliant and makes me smile.  

He has a Facebook page and a blog. Stop by and give him some love or just treat yourself to a good giggle.  I heart you Chris P Bacon. I’d love to kiss your nose. 

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