Amazing AMCers: Meet Hajnalka and her baby bump…

I love getting the chance to
know other AMCers. There is something really priceless about finding another
girl who like myself watches in awe at the girl sitting in front of her in
class, on the bus, in a meeting – whip her hair into a ponytail. We are
blown away at the ease and hope they know how insanely lucky they are… oh to
have strong hands.

Through the AMC ladies group on
Facebook, I found other AMCers that long for strong leg muscles, hunt for products to make life easier and do weird things around the house to survive. I’m
actually quite normal, there’s a gang of ladies around the world doing things
and seeing the world similar to  me. It’s awesome.

One of the scariest things to
face is the day you become pregnant. AMC is something we can deal with and
figure out as we grow older but things change when you throw a baby into the mix… And
even though we love ourselves and see the rewards of growing up with a
disability, we still pray with everything in us that our sweet baby can grow up
healthy, strong and normal.

Meet Hajnalka.

She is 26 years old, lives in
Hungry and having her first baby! Her hands and feet are affected by AMC but
she is able to walk unaided.

When asking Hajnalka about this
new chapter in her life, this is what she had to say:

Week 12: I am feeling fear, excitement
and joy. He/She is now being 64mm. The doctors say, good hands, good feet. I’ve
seen this. But I’m a little scared.

Week 16: I am scared  – I do not want the baby to get sick. (AMC) We had two extra ultrasounds. I calm down a bit. The doctors say the baby is healthy.
Don’t worry, mom… In two weeks I go to genetic counseling. There will also be
high-resolution ultrasound examination. 
My husband and I are very happy together. We are glad that our daughter will be

My stomach
is getting large. It is not difficult to walk but I’m afraid that the 9th
months will be difficult. But it’s worth the suffering.

I think
about a lot:
How well I’ll do with diapers
How am I going to feed the baby

… but I’m very happy! Fortunately, there is my wonderful husband who will be there to

There are
lots of tricks I learned throughout the baby years with my son.  I’m sure many of you have them too. Please
leave any tisp on this page for Hajnalka and the other AMC mommies that might be
out there reading.

The one
thing I learned is that our babies come to us as a blank page. Having a mom who
uses crutches, uses her feet to write, gets around in a wheelchair is all they
know. It’s not weird to them, that’s just mom. Other kids always want to play
with my crutches, my son never even touches them unless he is being a helper
and bringing them to me. I never asked him to not mess with them, he just
figured out those are mommy’s magical walking sticks and it’s hands-off.

Every month
brings relief as they get more self-sufficient and the challenge of a new stage
to figure out. You will probably cry together a lot in the beginning but in the
end I think our kids will be more sensitive and thoughtful.  They will see people for what is really
important, their hearts.

Good luck
Hajnalka, I’m so excited for you!

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  1. Light plastic bottles – get the skinnier shape – easier to holdSkip the changing table – change diapers on the floorGet a small stroller that you can use in the house to move baby from room-to-room


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