Listen to Your Mother

Some of you might know that I recently auditioned for a part
in this year’s Listen to Your Mother production.

<p class=”MsoNormal”> It is a national
event that is held in cities across the U.S. during the month of May in
celebration of Mother’s Day.  The event
features a collection of live readings by local writers who publish online.     

The event excited me. I felt like my journey as a mom might
be a good fit.  Having a disability and
raising a toddler comes with a unique perspective.

I also am not a huge fan of public speaking.  I like to think we only fear the things we
haven’t experienced much – so I am trying to do it more often.  I’m not going to go through life being afraid,
I’m only hurting myself.  

I stayed up crazy late one night crafting my message.  My monologue had to be five minutes which was
really tough, I started with like 15 minutes.  I read it to myself throughout the weekend, whittled
it down.  Certain parts always choked me
up. I was afraid I’d end up crying at my audition.

On Sunday I went to the audition site and read my
piece.  When I finished and looked up the
producer and director were sitting there teary-eyed and silent.  I knew the story touched me because it was my
life but I never expected that reaction from them.

I hide behind my laptop shooting out these posts. I never
see my reader’s response, most of the time I figure it’s just my mom reading
them {Heyyy Mom}.

So reading in person was a very surreal experience.  


I am really excited to share that I have been chosen to be
part of the 2013 Listen to Your Mother cast for Milwaukee.  In addition to that, I will be part of a
Morning Blend {I love you Molly Fay} segment in the end of April featuring a few local moms
with disabilities.  It is amazing. I’m
really thankful for the opportunities and crazy excited.  I hope you can tune in to the show or attend
the Listen to Your Mother production May 5th. 

5 thoughts on “Listen to Your Mother

  1. We are so proud to have you, and I can’t wait for this show. It’s going to change things, for everyone. THANK YOU for sharing your self with us.


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