Elephant Rides

Life is always a wild ride. Half of me loves all the exciting stuff that is up in the air, the other part of me really wants to be on a warm beach…sleeping in the sun by myself. Just for a day or so, for those of you who know me… I’d last a day and then I’d be bored.  I’d miss Facebook.  Yep, Twitter too.

The next two months will be exciting.

I am pumped to be part of the Milwaukee cast for 2013 Listen to Your Mother. I can’t wait to meet the others at practice and hear their stories. I am giddy to be around strong writers and soak up their words. It is crazy cool.

To top it off, the Morning Blend segment has been scheduled for April 25th at 9am. I will be on there with a woman named Becky who has her master’s degree, a career, two children and also happens to use a chair to get around. I had the chance to get to know Becky a little when writing a MetroParent article last March.  The archive link to this issue seems to be down but the article is still on my MilwaukeeMoms blog.   We have never met in person so I am super excited for the opportunity. She is amazing.

It gets even a little sweeter…my colleague Barry and I are working on a short children’s book.  It is going to be through the eyes of Oliver and how I think he views his mommy with “magical walking sticks.”  As Barry has been working on the illustrations I have been providing pictures so he can capture how my hands are positioned and accurately depict AMC.

Tonight I had to show how I give elephant rides. It went against everything I once was. I was not the person to take photos showcasing how I am different. I loved winter for all the clothing. Less people eyeballing me.  {shudder}

Even as I type this it’s still sinking in, I have found a freedom and pride in my differences. I am so glad that even if I can’t bend my hands the right way, I still crawl around the house with Oliver on my back, bossing me around. There’s no pity party this house.

This appears to be a post with no real point beyond some updates and excitement for life. Thanks for all the love on Facebook. Knowing I have such awesome friends, family and fellow AMCers cheering me on makes my heart smile.

OH…one more thing…

Barry has recently finished another book, Blue Moon, A Cat’s Wish and it is amazing. I felt kinda teary reading it the first time to Oliver. Maybe it was pride for Barry, maybe it was because I wanted the poor cat to find someone to love him, maybe I was sad that the moon borrowed Nicki Minaj’s lipstick, who knows…please check it out. It’s a good Easter basket stuffer. {shameless plug}

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