mama…is it cuz you’re old?

I think I have mentioned in the past that Oliver never paid much attention that his mom was different. 
He’s now 3 and is becoming rapidly aware of what other kids say and
do.  On pajama day at daycare he walked
in the classroom eyeballing the kids to confirm his Batman jammies were the norm
or he was going to pitch a fit and demand his “real” clothes back. I could read
his mind as his big blue eyes scanned the crowd.

The kids who transitioned from room-to-room at daycare
with Oliver are used to me and they don’t think anything about my crutches.
However, new kids and the random ones who cross my path at night on the
playground  tend to greet me with a sea of questions.Oliver always
listens in and likes to tell them that they are crutches and I use them to
walk. However, I wonder at times what else is rolling around in that wild toddler

So the other night as we were leaving Qdoba the conversation
that transpired didn’t shock me.  It
still makes me giggle though…

OLIVER:  Mama why do
you use crutches?

ME:  I was born
without strong legs, they help me walk.

OLIVER:  Do you use
them cuz you’re old?

OLIVER’S DAD: Yeah, mama is really old…

*insert snickers*

ME:  Nope, I need them
to help me get around, my muscles are not strong.

OLIVER:  If you eat
more you’ll get strong mama

ME: I like that idea, good plan! 

*dreaming of our pile of Easter candy*

I also caught Oliver imitating my gait when I walk without
my crutches.  I don’t use them around the
house and can get around fine for short distances but my walk is not completely smooth.  When I’m in the privacy of our home – I don’t
care, it is just nice to be able to carry plates, laundry baskets and get a
vacation from having to hold onto crutches.  I know Oliver’s reenactment is crazy innocent
and he just likes trying out everything he sees. 

In my gut though, I know it is just the beginning, I can only imagine what is to come…

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