Fetterman Crutches

I wanted to blog at least once a week.   Let’s be real…I’m happy I get my laundry done every week – Oliver pees on stuff a lot. Work consumes a lot of me. The rest goes to family, quality TV (have you seen Catfish on MTV?…OMG) and a few glorious moments lounging on my deck with my iPad to read (aka napping in the sun). Oh and really important Facebook and Twitter posts.

I have a blog coming on a fellow AMCer but since I’m on the brink of a life changing moment, I needed to switch gears.

Like most toddlers I started taking steps by holding onto furniture.  I started walking with a
walker. It was small, wooden and covered in stickers.  Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, kittens…they filled it with girlish cheer.

As I got a little older I started using crutches and I think I was around 5 when I took my first steps without anything.

Most people kick off their shoes, hang up their jackets, drop their bags when they get home.  I
throw aside the crutches. I can walk without them in small doses. It is so nice to have free arms, carry stuff and not have to think about “4 feet” – imagine trying to not step on toys in a toddler room and factoring in where you place your feet but also where each crutch lands. Obnoxious.

I used to go through the bottom crutch tip at least once a month. I discovered Thomas Fetterman tips and now can go a year (check out this post). Since I discovered the tips and all his gadgets, I have been

I wanted my Fettermans.

This Mother’s Day my boys gave me the ultimate gift. My husband
placed the order, traced my old crutches, gave them all the measurements and now we have been anxiously waiting 6 weeks for them to be made custom for me. It’s amazing. I could totally cry.

I’m getting the Titanium LiteStix crutches.

They are custom to your personal specifications.

They will never make a sound because there are no adjustment holes to egg-out and rattle. (OMG I freak out when my crutches rattle, currently I fill them with super glue)

They are made with 100% titanium.

Beautifully milled solid brass end-plugs are press-fitted and epoxied into the end holes of the crutch tubes making them water tight and adding quality and richness.

The handgrips are durable Saddle Grips made with black natural cowhide leather wrapped over a shock-absorbing cellular urethane pad.

I’m giddy and they arrive tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more…

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