5 Obnoxious Things

Traveling always stirs up a story. It reminds me how we make our day-to-day world to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Leaving the safe bubble of home pushes us to new limits but can also be a little obnoxious.

5 Obnoxious Things I Experienced in Cleveland, OH this week:

Thanks for touching me. Twice.
I get the pat down at the airport rather than trying to walk through the detector. They also wipe my hands and shoes with a white swatch, it reminds me of one of those face oil blotting wipes. Well, I managed to set off the alarm for having suspicious materials on me. This led to another private screening in a closed area with two intimidating security ladies. They needed to use the front of their hand this time instead of the back of hand to make sure I was not up to any funny business. Awesomely obnoxious.

Sweaty and broken…
After walking 4 blocks on a steamy 92 degree day, I got to the conference center and discovered the main elevator was broken. After waiting 15 minutes a nice janitor led me to the industrial elevator hidden in back. I got where I needed to go but was the girl who walked in late and made crinkling noises while everyone was trying to learn.

Do they hate me?
The conference hall I am working in the week has numerous tiers. We jump from room to room all day going up and down. They have escalators which are my worst nightmare so I have to leave my group and take the elevator. Doesn’t sound that dramatic when I read this but trust me, it’s super lame.

And it continued…
I went to the Rock & Roll hall of fame. OMG exact same escalator saga. What’s up? You’re killing me.

Hi there, I would like to order another arm.
They offered breakfast to the 2000 peeps at this conference. They provided 14 seats and then a sea of pub tables. Cleveland may rock. Eating while standing and holding crutches does not. *grin*

I’ve also enjoyed lots of inquiries from new acquaintences about my bum ankle. I have suggested they check out mylegisnotbroken.com. If that’s you…so glad you are here. Stalk me, please?

4 thoughts on “5 Obnoxious Things

  1. Hey Rachel! I wouldn’t give Cleveland the bad rap, it sounds like it was this conference center that really put you in. Well yeah, the RRHOF is set up quite weird too. Glad you made it back!


    • You are amazing. I posted this draft before really giving it much thought thinking no one would see it. I had typos too. *sigh* you’re so right, Cleveland is quite lovely. It was a combo of the hall and my situation that stunk. I’m still here enjoying the escalator/elevator magic. 4 hours left. 😉


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