Help, Let Me In…

Door knobs are everywhere… 

You can’t avoid them and you never know what type is going to cross your path. I have learned to master them but I confess some make me pause and internally groan.

When it’s cold some are extra hard and slippery. I don’t have a strong grip so the round ball ones are the worst. Childproof knobs are also Rachel proof. I’ve taught my son how to open them for me. *grin*

I love knobs the have a handle, you can slip your hand in and pull using your body weight. It is something I assume the average person never thinks about, but many of my fellow AMCers may share similar woes.

So tell me, what door knobs do you dread? 


3 thoughts on “Help, Let Me In…

  1. my husband just installed the handle one in my grand daughters bedroom door; down low to the ground so she can reach it and open her own door. She was so excited.


  2. When we built our house, I had the builder change all the doorknobs from round balls to lever handles so my wife could better use them.


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