Fetterman Updates

A few months ago I posted my excitement over my new Fetterman crutches that were coming.  A few people asked for updates – this blog is long overdue. Sorry!

To be honest when they first arrived I did not love them. I was hesitant to share before figuring out why. To sum it up:

  • hand pads were really beefy – since I don’t grip them normally (I hook my hands underneath) and having small hands to begin with they just didn’t work – it was hard to walk with them
  • they make a terrible noise when the crutches clank together – it’s a weird noise that standard crutches don’t make – it’s like wearing squeaky shoes or something…the noise follows you throughout the day and makes you go bonkers.
  • they’re heavier than the “normal” Walgreens crutches, I get they are titanium and strong but I’d rather have them light

I contacted the company and they did send smaller versions of the hand grips. They are an improvement but the velcro bottom closures rub my hand and stick to my sweater cuffs – it might not sound like a huge deal but for the cost of the crutches (yeah…think a little over 1K), I’d hope for a higher quality stitched product.

The weight of the product grew natural over time. The clanking noise does not bug me as much anymore and I love not having adjustable screws that get caught on my pockets and trip me.  So overall, I grew to love them.

Two cool things…

peace (1)

I bought these crutch tips from Thomas Fetterman with peace signs on the bottom.  Living in a snowy state, I thought it was kinda fun to leave some peace tracks around my world.

These tips also have an awesome charity mission too, check out more about The Peace Project.

ice-tips-200-147This winter has been extra snowy and icy. I have been using the ice tips a ton. They are great for flipping on when I get outside and I get way better traction.  The come in different sizes for canes and crutches too which is cool.

After a good 30 years using crutches, it has been amazing to find some products that make life easier.  Granted, no gadget or product is perfect. It’s impossible since we all have different needs but Thomas Fetterman has been the best thing I have found yet.  Good stuff.

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