AMC Ladies – Let’s Talk Shoes

I know many of us AMCers struggle with shoes.  

You may have clubfoot.  Or one foot that is stronger than the other. Maybe your foot is stuck in a flexed forward position so having a flat foot is merely a dream.

Maybe you’re like me and each foot has its own set of shoe rules and sadly, they want different things…

I have bought so many shoes in past 10 years that are adorable and perfect, if I never had to actually get up and move. I’ve come to grips with the reality that when I enter a shoe store, out of the 100 pairs for sale, there are maybe 5 that work for me.  Yep, that’s on a good day.

I had a few victories this year, maybe they’d work for you too.  Happy shopping!

PumasThese Pumas are amazing if your heel cannot go completely flat. Has a slight wedge but not enough to mess with your balance.

They are super comfortable and cute! I found them online at DSW.  There are even more colors but this gives you an idea.

If it were Christmas time, I’d totally ask for every color, for now I’m happy with black.  *grin*

bootiesfinalNext are some short booties. They are cute with work pants, jeans or a skirt. I like that they can be dressy and fun – it’s no high heel but if I want to actually walk around they are much more realistic.

I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up in the winter months, but they were pretty cheap so if I get a season out of them it was worth it.  

What shoes do you love?  Let’s share and take the stink out of shoe shopping!

5 thoughts on “AMC Ladies – Let’s Talk Shoes

  1. Jandals jandals jandals in the summer and boots in the winter. Everything has to be completely flat. Nothing fits my feet properly, and like you Rach, each foot is different. Drives me nuts!!!


  2. I haven’t had a pair of shoes on since probably the winter of 09. Wearing two pairs of socks is better and easier for me. Since I don’t work and drive my chair with my feet, shoes are something I love (and I could always keep clean) but it was so difficult to put on every morning. I love high heels but I know from experience that wearing high heels driving with one foot isn’t the smartest thing ever. I almost ran into a wall because my controller got stuck between the space the heel and other part. Lol

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  3. Jandals, otherwise known as thongs in Australia, flip flops in the US. We also call them Samoan safety footwear (tongue in cheek). In NZ everyone has at least 2 pairs. I have about 5!!! Garden pair, going out pair etc. Because I have complex regional pain syndrome, I cannot tolerate anything on my feet, but also can’t walk bare foot. I get them firm as my feet are paralysed and I can’t hold them on, but with my crutches it helps to keep them in place!! How do I upload pics rach?


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