1585 Days

Ever notice how when life seems hard, you acknowledge it, maybe whine a little, slowly begin to accept it as the “new normal” and then before you know it, that season of life has passed…

I’ve reached a new milestone. It makes me happy. It makes me sad.

When Oliver entered our world I lost my independence. I couldn’t carry his car seat and walk, so everything we did had to include another strong body to carry him.  This was okay, it became my new normal, I love and adore every person who helped, but imagine 729 days of never being alone.

Day 729: First time I picked him up from daycare alone.

Day 729: First time I picked him up from daycare alone.

On that magical 729th day of his life, he moved to the big boy car seat. Now he could climb in and I’d buckle him up. Being able to do something as simple as picking him up from daycare was amazing. We’d cheer in the car and chant “Team Schickowski…we can do ANYTHING!”

I wanted him to recognize small victories in life from an early age. They are everywhere.

On day 945 in the life of Oliver, we had our first excursion alone. Leaving the house and not having to wait on others or follow wacky time frames so another person could help felt surreal. We entered a new chapter of life and the start of “mommy dates” and trips to Target.

Day 945: First solo adventure!

Day 945: First solo adventure!

This month after 1585 days of fighting with car seats, we have reached the ultimate victory. Oliver migrated to the booster seat and uses the normal seat belt. It’s so easy. He buckles himself. I don’t have to use a huge marker or Batman’s leg to push open the insanely hard car seat button.  It is something I wanted for so long and the moment he buckled himself in my heart hurt. For a split second it was hard to breathe. Where did time go?


The precious face in my backseat went from a baby chewing on a toy, to a little guy screeching “truck” at everything with wheels, to this big boy singing “What Does the Fox Say?” in my backseat.  I’m pretty sure if I blink will he waving bye as we drop him off at college.

“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown


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