Long Time. No Talk.

trainI pulled up my blog tonight – my last post was two years ago. I’m scratching my head how that happened.

I guess it’s a mix of many things.

I took a new position at work a few years back. My days are crazy, at night I’m tired, hanging with family or on a conference call with regional colleagues in another time zone.

I also waver on sharing my thoughts. Throwing feelings out there to strangers or fellow AMCers is great, but dishing to people I know – that kinda wigs me out. I want to say get out of my head. But yet, I’m the one who served it up to you. Weird, I know.

Oliver grew up.

I started blogging when he was a baby. Life was hard and I was figuring it all out. I like to think we have a few major waves in the roller coaster of AMC life.

Wave #1 comes when we are kids.

I wore casts to make my limbs straighter. My parents had to leave me alone in the hospital for days at a time (I went to Shriner’s in Chicago and my family lived 2 hours away). I had traction and was stuck in bed for a month with pins through my leg. By age five I figured out how to take some steps without my walker (that was covered with strawberry shortcake stickers). Thanks to a stubborn spirit and 18 years of physical/occupational therapy I learned how to get dressed, zip/button my pants, open doors, walk with crutches, open the pickle jar, write, do my hair…you name it…I like to think I mastered it. Went to college. Graduated. Got married. Bought a house. Went on vacations.

And then I had a baby.

I had 30 years to master me and then this adorable mushy baby entered my world – hello wave #2.

I couldn’t carry him and walk. Opening bottles really sucked. I compared myself to the mom who could pace the floor with an armful of baby and soothe them to sleep. Infant car seat latches were impossible. Changing diapers, lifting a slippery baby from a bath and snapping onesies are hard.

It was a season of asking for help and something I hate to do.

Looking back that wave of life went fast. Granted not fast enough where I’d do it again, one sweet boy is enough. We figured it out together and before I knew it, I was snuggling with a helpful big boy. The baby days were gone.

I ran out of things to share. Telling you about organizing playdates seemed lame. I’m now in the season where kids at his school ask me lots of questions, but that doesn’t bug me. I appreciate the curiosity.

I’m guessing AMC comes with more waves of insecurity and challenge. Who knows what’s around the bend, but that’s life right?

2 thoughts on “Long Time. No Talk.

  1. Since it has been 2 years between posts, are we to assume that there will be no more posts? My wife doesn’t have AMC but has another “non-progressive” condition that we now find is affected by age. Maybe you can post about weakening muscles and early onset arthritis and how you work around it. We can all learn together.


    • Hi Jim – I’m sorry, 350ish days is a pretty bad response rate, huh?! My goal is to start posting more, it’s just the battle of finding time. I haven’t experienced weakening muscles or arthritis yet. But if it should come, I’ll share what works for me.


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