Misha, bigs hills and lots of stairs

Thanks to the cyber world, I met an amazing AMC gal, Misha.  She lives in Peru and is awesome and funny.  I wish we lived closer, because we’d totally be buds.  She has a blog and I’m honored to be her guest blogger this month.  If you have time please give it a read and check out her blog and view on life with AMC. You’ll love her. Continue reading


2014 Miss America: Women With Disabilities That Rock

I love that there are so many ladies with disabilities out there shining and not letting their difference hold them back.  It feels like the news has been full of awesome stories.  Meg, author of one my favorite blogs, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It mentioned today that there will be a contestant born without her forearm in the 2014 pageant airing tonight. Continue reading

Fetterman Crutches

I wanted to blog at least once a week.   Let’s be real…I’m happy I get my laundry done every week – Oliver pees on stuff a lot. Work consumes a lot of me. The rest goes to family, quality TV (have you seen Catfish on MTV?…OMG) and a few glorious moments lounging on my deck with my iPad to read (aka napping in the sun). Oh and really important Facebook and Twitter posts. Continue reading