Misha, bigs hills and lots of stairs

Thanks to the cyber world, I met an amazing AMC gal, Misha.  She lives in Peru and is awesome and funny.  I wish we lived closer, because we’d totally be buds.  She has a blog and I’m honored to be her guest blogger this month.  If you have time please give it a read and check out her blog and view on life with AMC. You’ll love her. Continue reading

Amazing AMCers: Meet Hajnalka and her baby bump…

I love getting the chance to
know other AMCers. There is something really priceless about finding another
girl who like myself watches in awe at the girl sitting in front of her in
class, on the bus, in a meeting – whip her hair into a ponytail. We are
blown away at the ease and hope they know how insanely lucky they are… oh to
have strong hands.

Through the AMC ladies group on
Facebook, I found other AMCers that long for strong leg muscles, hunt for products to make life easier and do weird things around the house to survive. Continue reading