I’ve never been bowling. 

Yeah, I have been to a bowling alley plenty of times but never tried throwing a ball or anything. I would usually hang with my friends, play the video games, slurp a soda and maybe keep score for them.

I recently had a night out with my hubby and friends. They wanted to go bowling and I was pushed to give it a try too.  Did you know they have adaptive ramps that you can set the ball on and with a good push it shoots down the lane?  Me either.

I am not a huge fan of using adaptive things.  It makes me stand out and look different. You know, because sitting on the chair doing nothing is so cool.  {eye roll}

I scored an 81 on my first game and then a 95. Sadly, my third game was not all that impressive. I’d like to call it bowler’s fatigue.  Three games is just too much.

5 Things I Learned Bowling:

  1. The shoes are super uncomfortable. I felt like I was walking on cardboard. It also feels slightly gross. Who wore those puppies before me?
  2. Teenagers making out look really stupid.  When I was young I remember witnessing such episodes of PDA and wanted a boyfriend too.  Now I wanted to break them apart and scold them. Does that make me lame…or getting old? Maybe both.
  3. I found out there is unspoken bowlers etiquette. Who knew it was not nice to go bowl when the person next to you was in action!?!
  4. No one cares. I felt like eyes were burning a hole in the back of my head when my turn was up.  But then I would turn around and find that no one was even paying attention.  Everyone was talking, drinking or perhaps making out. 
  5. Bowling involves lots of knuckles and high-fives.  For an AMCer, that a big downer. {sad face}

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