hey baby, let’s go for a spin…

I received an email today from a fellow AMCer looking for adaptive ideas on driving.  It’s tough because we all have different challenges and our symptoms vary. 

It was not a big deal for me when I turned 16 because my hands are bent but my elbows are straight. I have enough reach and strength to steer, shift, etc.  My legs are also strong enough to push the gas/brake without any special gadgets.

However, I’m guessing some of you might use some things to help. I’d love it if you could add a comment on here with some ideas on what has worked for you. 

I love watching Little People, Big World to see all the things they have come up with to drive, reach things and live a normal life. 

The smallest tricks can make life so much easier. {like the 1-up ponytail…WOOT}

Please help!