Helloooo 2012, nice to meet you

I love starting a new year. A fresh slate. Renewed zest to focus on the things you want to improve.  Declared goals to become a step closer to that person you want to be.  It makes me a little giddy.

Since I have a boy sleeping in his crib slurping his Nuk and clutching Batman – I know that sparkly tops from Express and fun parties are not part of this season of my life. It’s okay, one kiss from his sweet face and the feel of him on my lap couldn’t even compare. I’m content at home with my hubby, laptop, pizza and watching the Rockin’ in the New Year shows. Since I am 14 at heart and love Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, NYE programming is right up my alley. Bring it on.

This past year was amazing. I dedicated it to taking care of myself. (See Morning Blend post).  As I took different steps and gambled with new ideas, life simply happened. I believe we are all here for a reason but we need to take some risks to end up where we are meant to be. Last year at this time I had never thought I’d share way too much of my life on the web, end up on TV telling my story, make new friends who share my challenges and wrap up some personal things that I hated – my teeth were shifting (so I got Invisaline braces) and I had crazy ear issues when I would fly (so I had a sinus surgery, tubes in ear and Adenoidectomy).  So again, it took effort and risk but the end result is goodness.

I’m still toying with my 2012 resolution.  I have 2 hours and 29 minutes to decide. No sweat.

May you have an incredible next year filled with new starts, happy memories and be drenched in love.  

What resolutions do you have brewing?

P.S Anyone else as excited as me for the return of the Bachelor?  Eeeeek I love that show. Go Ben!