are you in the gutter too?

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
– Oscar Wilde

The other morning as I was getting in the elevator at work, a man held the door for me and said, “uh oh that doesn’t look happy”…

I simply smiled at him and the elevator whisked me away from him and an awkward conversation that was right around the corner.  It was way too early for that. I needed my skim vanilla latte or Diet Mountain Dew fix first.

As I sat down at my desk and started my day, his comment rattled around in my head.

That doesn’t look happy.

It is really easy to let situations and others tell us how to feel.  I am the first to admit that when I’m sick, my shoes are uncomfortable, days when I can’t do anything right or when those I love are down…I want to hide under a blanket or run away to a warm sandy beach by myself.  

In the end, how we feel is up to us. Every gloomy thing has an angle of sunshine. 

Yes…life with a weak body bites the big one.  Crutches are annoying.  I can’t do all things I want to do.  I have to ask for help.  People stare at me trying to figure me out.  Kids ask me why I have crutches every morning at daycare.  I want to run, jump and feel strong.

But…having AMC has introduced me to the world of doctors, therapist and other people with challenges. I met amazing people that I would have never known.  I am way more perceptive of how others feel. I have tapped into a world of people doing really cool things for others with what they learned from being sick, different, etc.  I learned how to feel okay about needing others. In a weird way I sometimes think that giving them a chance to help me can brighten their day too.

We are all given a deck of cards in life. How we chose to play our hand is up to us. You can dwell on the bad cards or embrace your pair of eights. 

don’t cry over spilled milk

Have you ever dropped an entire gallon of milk?                                                       

Let me tell you, it makes a horrifying mess.

It bounces. The plastic cracks. Milk sprays, pours and splatters.

AMC hands are not super strong. I learned the hard way for trying to put away groceries fast. Should have used two hands. The mess was not worth those few seconds I was saving…

I saw this Magic Tap automatic drink dispenser infomercial and want to give it a try. I think it might make life easier and will decrease the odds of soaking up puddles of milk off my kitchen floor, running down my walls and in my shoes.

Check it out, maybe it would make your life easier too.


superheroes in my car…

I can’t believe an entire month passed since I last posted on here.  It’s pretty terrible. I think of things almost daily that would make great blog posts but it seems like work, laundry, family, friends and well, life in general, sucks up my time.

I’m not so sure how I’m going to find time for my fall TV line-up that’s about to return. My DVR is going to be smoking! {grins}

I went to pick up Oliver from daycare again the other day. This new sense of freedom is amazing. I’m still holding out for the day we go to Target together and can shop alone. Maybe he’ll carry the basket for me. I’ll probably cry. It will be sheer magic.

So back to the whole picking up Oliver from daycare story… All went well, we got in the car, cheered on the way home, I told him how awesome we are and then we landed in our driveway.

The small red button on car seats are brutal, they are so hard to push and totally hurt my finger. 

I climbed in the backseat and fought with it.  Meanwhile, Oliver made grunting noise and comments like, push hard mama, as I fumbled around, sweat dripping down my forehead…thanks to the never-ending heat wave this summer in WI.  {major dislike}

On the seat next to me was a pile of Oliver’s superheroes. I grabbed one and quietly pleaded, Dear Lord, please help me get him out. Oliver smiled at me and said, Dear Lord, help mama. I smiled back at his sweet face and with renewed zest, I attacked the red button with the hard plastic foot of good ol’ Aquaman. 

The button instantly popped open and Oliver scrambled out of the seat.  It was a sweet moment of victory, hearing my son’s first prayer for help and being with him as it was answered.

Life is good.


chick fight!

Today was one of those days. When you just want to go back to bed. But you can’t – you have to suck it up and go about your day.

My headband totally gave me a headache. It seemed cute at home and really lame in the bathroom at work. Not worthy of a headache so I took that baby off and dealt with weird smooshed hair.

The stitching on the elastic band of my cute flats broke. So before I left work I did what any normal person would do, I grabbed the stapler off my desk and did my own quick “fix” to get me home.  Sigh.

I got to daycare and planned to take the handicapped spot in hopes of avoiding extra steps and having staples stab my foot. Tuesday is just too early in the week to deal with blood.

Parked in the handicapped spot was a seemingly healthy, young woman sporting leggings, tall boots and taking her sweet time buckling in her child. It was obvious that she was parked there out of sheer laziness. I instantly hated her.

Maybe it was my headache. Or the fact I had to go to the bathroom insanely bad. Perhaps my despair over my shoe. Fear of the staples puncturing my flesh.

I like to think it was a combo of it all. I wanted to turn into Hulk or a WWE wrestler. I had crazy urges of running up to her and knocking her down, pulling her hair and calling her lazy. I’d dent in her car door with my super hero strength and run away and hide in my car.

Rest easy, none of this happened. I parked on the street and walked.

I must confess I took a picture of her car. Made me feel better, like I was going to send it to the police department and they’d stop over at her house and school her on how to be a good person…

Looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow. As for tonight, I’m sending myself to bed.


Ponytails. You see girls pulling their hair back as they walk down the sidewalk. In the locker room before gym class. Or even the dreamy DeAndre Brackensick from American Idol who whipped his curly locks into a perfect ponytail every week.

You may have never given it a thought. It takes seconds to do. Unless you have AMC.

We are all different but most of the AMC ladies I connected with have some variation of bent hands, elbows, limited shoulder range and weak hands/fingers. This puts a big fat damper on our ponytail dreams. 

So just like I covet those who can walk, pull a suitcase, talk on the phone and wear heels at the same time – I also want to be you, the girl who easily throws your hair back in a cute pony.

I dream of a machine. It would look kind of like those big hair dryers they once used.  But it would have a vacuum force that would suck back my hair in the perfect fashion (there would be settings…high pony, low pony, pony with volume on top, pony with volume and thin headband) and then robotic fingers would wrap the elastic band around the hair. It would be so awesome. 

I found things that work for around the house. Clips, headbands and combs are easier to do.  They give you a break from the hair but totally not something you’d sport in public. Last time I had my hair cut the stylist started to flat iron it and I was like, “ehh could I actually have a ponytail?” She looked at me like I was off my rocker. She had no idea that having a pony was a treat.

In our AMC Facebook group this pony discussion led to some awesome ideas. I’m hoping that more will come from my stylist friends and family.  We need your help!

Top 5 Tricks I Learned From Fellow AMCers:

  1. Lay on edge of bed or couch – gravity helps pull arms and hair back
  2. Take a long string and put around neck, lean back and pull the string up. Tie a knot, cut the extra string.
  3. Pull hair to the side and braid (I personally think this would be hard or maybe I just need longer hair)
  4. Hair sticks
  5. Ask for help

Most of us hate asking for help – even though the world doesn’t mind – we do. You also don’t want to be picky because you are just glad that they pulled it back.  So you might get stuck with a bumpy pony or one that is not high or low enough.

I joked in the string of comments that AMC girls need to marry stylists.  However, I didn’t marry a stylist but I am eternally thankful to have found a guy who can pull off the perfect ponytail in 30 seconds flat and is not too macho to do it. With every ponytail I love him a little bit more than the day before.

I’m still holding out for my machine though. I think it would make the world a better place.


Helloooo 2012, nice to meet you

I love starting a new year. A fresh slate. Renewed zest to focus on the things you want to improve.  Declared goals to become a step closer to that person you want to be.  It makes me a little giddy.

Since I have a boy sleeping in his crib slurping his Nuk and clutching Batman – I know that sparkly tops from Express and fun parties are not part of this season of my life. It’s okay, one kiss from his sweet face and the feel of him on my lap couldn’t even compare. I’m content at home with my hubby, laptop, pizza and watching the Rockin’ in the New Year shows. Since I am 14 at heart and love Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, NYE programming is right up my alley. Bring it on.

This past year was amazing. I dedicated it to taking care of myself. (See Morning Blend post).  As I took different steps and gambled with new ideas, life simply happened. I believe we are all here for a reason but we need to take some risks to end up where we are meant to be. Last year at this time I had never thought I’d share way too much of my life on the web, end up on TV telling my story, make new friends who share my challenges and wrap up some personal things that I hated – my teeth were shifting (so I got Invisaline braces) and I had crazy ear issues when I would fly (so I had a sinus surgery, tubes in ear and Adenoidectomy).  So again, it took effort and risk but the end result is goodness.

I’m still toying with my 2012 resolution.  I have 2 hours and 29 minutes to decide. No sweat.

May you have an incredible next year filled with new starts, happy memories and be drenched in love.  

What resolutions do you have brewing?

P.S Anyone else as excited as me for the return of the Bachelor?  Eeeeek I love that show. Go Ben!


cameras…lights…please don’t faint

This morning I had the awesome opportunity to share a bit of my story on the Morning Blend.  I am the girl who stops breathing when I have to present at work and as I have gotten older I tend to avoid public speaking as much as possible.  I must admit it’s pretty ironic since I went to college wanting to be a news anchor. With that said, you can imagine how well I slept last night. Check it out!