Amazing AMCers: Meet Mark Hall

Mark became my bud on Facebook. It is really weird but I can’t remember how…just feels like he has always been there, commenting on my posts, wishing me Happy Birthday even when it’s not… His humor makes me laugh. I plan for my AMC bestie in New Zealand and Mark to marry. They are just taking their sweet time. *sigh*
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Fetterman Crutches

I wanted to blog at least once a week.   Let’s be real…I’m happy I get my laundry done every week – Oliver pees on stuff a lot. Work consumes a lot of me. The rest goes to family, quality TV (have you seen Catfish on MTV?…OMG) and a few glorious moments lounging on my deck with my iPad to read (aka napping in the sun). Oh and really important Facebook and Twitter posts. Continue reading

LTYM Milwaukee

Yesterday was a crazy day. Oliver likes to say I was at my wedding. Not sure where he got that but I kinda love it.

It was a big day for me, so he was on the right track I guess…

I stood in front of a bunch of strangers seated along with 22 of my favorite family members and friends (you know who you are…xoxo) and read a letter I wrote to Oliver. Continue reading

Poop in every yard…

Every day I am reminded that having a disability gives you a different perspective from the norm.  We dream of capabilities, face struggles and long for things that may never have even crossed another’s mind.

But to be honest, I think this goes beyond disabilities – it is just being alive. Old people long for energy and good knees, young people long for independence and wisdom, etc.

The grass is always greener right?  But we forget there is probably squirrel poop in every yard.

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