Dear lady with the big SUV…

My day at work was long. We turned back the clocks – it’s dark and I
was feeling cranky.  I pulled onto the street by daycare and saw your
big gas guzzler parked in the handicapped spot. I parked on the street
and walked past your car on my way in.

No handicapped sticker hanging from the mirror…

Just an oversized black purse spilling out on the passenger seat.  A
purse no girl in a chair or using crutches would want to haul. No way.
 I could have curled in a ball and climbed inside that thing.

I started to feel really mad.

After greeting my son and making our way back outside, there you were.  Strong legs.  Big boots.  Young and healthy.

Maybe your day sucked too.  Maybe you were feeling lazy or had to go to the bathroom really bad.  Perhaps you were conserving energy so you could Drop It Like It’s Hot and rock it Gangnam Style at the club this weekend.

I don’t know your story.

I do know that you quickly shut your door and wouldn’t look me in the
eye.  So I knocked on your window.  I thought I should point out how
you were illegally parked.  You played dumb so I felt inclined to point
out the large handicapped sign
about five feet from your face.  If I had guts I would have also
pointed out that I confronted you on this same thing like 6 months ago.

You just shrugged and shut your door.

I walked away and was mad.  I went from mad to steaming.  On my way
home it morphed into a wave of embarrassment over the reality that I
just confronted a fellow mom at my son’s school.  This was quickly
replaced with disgust.

Your laziness and lack of compassion for others leaves me speechless.
You are teaching your son to break laws, bend rules and put his needs
before others.  

It’s been three days and I’m still fuming.  So I’m writing you this letter.

Until we meet again {with you illegally parked},

magical blue sticker

I used to be pretty choosy about when I would use my Handicapped Sticker. I saved it for Brewers games and events that would require a ton of walking without it.

I like to think I’m too cool to use it. That’s for the people who need special help, so I save it for them. Yep, go ahead and roll your eyes at me.  

I have started using it more and more during the winter months, every step closer to the door cuts down on my chances of slipping on snow and ice and being more intimate with the pavement than I really desire.

My sticker expires February 2012.  

My husband likes to tease me every time the expiration dates come up.  We like to do a count on the number of days until I’m no longer disabled.  Two months left people, two months.

It really is silly. I have to go make a special doctor appointment and have them sign a form saying “yep, sure enough this girl still has Arthrogryposis”…it’s almost insulting.

Granted I see people all the time with them that make me wonder…I try not to judge but they don’t look all that disabled to me.  So I am grateful they do have some regulations behind this magical sticker.

Am I missing something to this whole process – is there a sticker that doesn’t expire? Have any good handicap parking stories to share? I have a few, one especially that makes me giggle but I’ll save that for another day.  I want to hear yours!