shoes, shoes, shoes

After I wrote my Clubfoot Stinks post I had an epiphany. Rather than spending time grumbling about how shoes don’t work, I needed to take some time to see what WILL work. 

So I googled Shoe Tailor and Shoe Repair and found a business literally 5 minutes from my house. I packed up a few pairs shoes that I loved but could not wear (the realistic ones that actually stood a chance with a few tweaks) and figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what could be done.

I drove my bag down to this local business and walked the owner through my shoe dilemma.  I won’t lie. It was humbling. Even greater, it was gift. I was given the opportunity to see the kindness of humanity….as I was telling her my story the woman began to cry.  She was excited to help make my dusty shoe pile work for me.

Here they are in their glory.  They added an elastic band and now my shoes stay on my feet. I was giddy. My shoe shopping experience will never be the same, I now know I have more options.  

Let’s go shopping!

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