take a picture, it lasts longer

My fellow AMC mom and Facebook buddy Sarah Kovac posted this video on her site. I loved it and wanted to share. 


Oddly we both watched this video and first connected with the staring girl. 

Maybe it is because like I shared, in my mind I am “normal.”  Who I am is all I know so it makes sense that there are days where I don’t feel different. 

At the end of this short clip, I also connect with the guy jamming {and I secretly would kill to be his friend…likes Radiohead, gets to do awareness videos..ummm awesome}. He is just waiting for the subway and rocking out. It’s no different from the guys sitting around with guitars and an open case to catch spare change or breakdancing to kill time. 

He doesn’t want to be eye-balled and classified by his wheelchair and Cerebral Palsy or in my case by my AMC. That is not what he is all about. It might impact how he lives, but there is so much more. 

I love that Thom Yorke from Radiohead is using his fame to bring awareness to the deck of cards he was dealt in this life.  I hope he does more.

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