Fetterman Crutches

I wanted to blog at least once a week.   Let’s be real…I’m happy I get my laundry done every week – Oliver pees on stuff a lot. Work consumes a lot of me. The rest goes to family, quality TV (have you seen Catfish on MTV?…OMG) and a few glorious moments lounging on my deck with my iPad to read (aka napping in the sun). Oh and really important Facebook and Twitter posts. Continue reading

Luggage Hitch

I’m traveling next week.  I am super thankful to have an awesome
colleague on my flight that is willing to help with my bag.  However,
this is something I need to master so I can travel alone and still use a
suitcase. It’s on my bucket list.

In the past I’d cram everything into a huge duffel bag so I could
sling it over my body. It works…but the bag ends up weighing almost as
much as me and it is brutal.

I noticed this gadget
on the website of my beloved crutch tip designer.  I am completely sold
on his crutch accessories so I’m dying to know if this would work for
me too. I’m going to add it to my “Christmas wish list” so I’ll let you
know how it works.

Anyone have any tips on what you do with hauling luggage when you are
also maneuvering crutches or a chair? Have you ever tapped into the
airport assistance? Was it a hassle?

things that rock

I have started this new year being a pretty terrible blogger.  Life here has been consumed with returning to work after taking a bunch of time off for the holidays, freelance work at night and writing a story for Metroparent magazine that highlighted some amazing parents with disabilities from my community. I totally loved every second of interviewing and writing that piece, I’ll share more once it’s published. 

My year has also started off with a few gadgets and some new shoes in the mix. I’m excited to share them, maybe these things could make your life a bit brighter too… 


Okay, go ahead and giggle. I totally dig this thing and even more I love that my husband bought it for me for Christmas.  My right hand is not as strong as my left. So holding a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other is impossible.  Problem solved. Me likes.


In past posts I have mentioned my angst with clubfoot and finding shoes that work. I love a ton of the flats that are in style but couldn’t keep them on my feet. It inspired me to find a shoe tailor and add straps to make them work.  

I’m now a shoe monster, I just can’t have enough. Here are a few of my new friends. Welcome home sweet shoes, welcome home. My closet is happy to meet you!


I live in Wisconsin. Normally our winter is filled with snow, ice and slushy mess – this year has been a strange spring-like treat. We finally got our first snow this past week and I had the chance to test out my new Thomas Fetterman ice tips.

Despite the obvious reasons I should hate winter since I use crutches, I really don’t. I love winter clothes and jackets a lot and so I like to think it makes it all worth it. 

My mother-in-law bought me these new crutch tip covers for Christmas. They are amazing and work really well. I hope to find myself sprawled one less time on the sidewalk this winter and they will be worth every penny.

These three things make me smile. What kind of things make your life twinkle? 

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Have you ever seen someone on the street or TV and knew if you met you’d be great friends? I’m pretty sure Lily from How I Met Your Mother would be my best friend.  Everything she says makes me laugh. Love her.

The other day I stumbled on YouTube clip from a guy reviewing the Fetterman crutches I lust over. You might have seen the link on my blog Facebook page.  His name is Josh Sundquist and I thought he was a funny, one-legged dude.  Naturally, this led me to Google him and I found that he is much more…a cancer survivor, author, Paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker and avid YouTuber.  He’s been featured on the back of Doritos bags nationwide. I love chips.  I’m confident this guy would be my best friend too.

His message is One more thing. One more time.  As I like to imagine, a fellow acronym lover, he coins it as 1mt1mt.  In his exact words, it means doing one more thing than what you feel like doing, because successful people do one more thing than what they want to do.  One more thing than what is considered normal or average, because an average effort gives you an average result.  One more thing than what the competition is willing to do, because sometimes the difference between 1st and 2nd place is just one more thing.  One more thing than what you expected or planned on doing, because the road to any worthwhile objective will always have a few unexpected speed bumps. One more thing than what is safe, easy or comfortable, because often what we want lies on the other side of what we fear.

Ahhh….I love it.

His YouTube channel is full of videos that crack me up and others that renewed my perspective on life.  I have considered stalking him until he signs my blog Guest Book, I’ll keep ya posted.  For now I hope you check him out too.  

Some of my favorite videos:

Dance Party

Crutch Review

No I didn’t lose my leg in Iraq

Just Don’t Fall – CNN Clip

Amputee Rap

Stupidest Question I’ve Ever Been Asked