PLEASE WATCH: Morning Blend 4/2

When I started my blog and began sharing my parenting journey as a blogger on I never imagined the people that would cross my path both face-to-face and via the cyber world. 

Telling personal struggles isn’t easy. I’m the girl who hates to ask for help. Having a physical disability is probably good for me. It forces me need others. Keeps me humble.

I’m excited to be on the Morning Blend as part of a panel discussion on living with a disability this Monday morning (4/2). I’d love for you to tune in or set your DVR to check it out.

Segment summary:

Parenting is hard enough as it is, now take that and amplify it. Imagine being a disabled parent trying to raise your children, suddenly things are seem much more complicated. Join us as we talk to those who know firsthand how difficult, yet rewarding, being a disabled parent can be.

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