729 days

In my 945 days post I shared my victorious first outing alone with my son.

We hit a new milestone today. 

729 days ago Oliver started daycare. We were really lucky to have our cousin Brittney care for him until he was 8 months old.  The thought of leaving this sweet face alone with strangers all day broke my heart.  So the very first morning when we dropped him off I sobbed like a baby. 

Over the past two years we have established a routine.  Since my job was downtown and parking was a small fortune, my husband and I started carpooling. We’d ride together, drop off Oliver and then go to work.  This was perfect since I could not carry his carseat and I liked being part of the drop off experience. 

I wanted to know his teachers, ask the questions my husband never would and be able to see that our boy was in good hands.

Most of the time this was ideal.

However, there were days when I got out of work early. My son was sick and needed to come home. My husband had to travel for work.  I wanted to be able to swing in and pick him up but I couldn’t.  It was so annoying. I was constantly arranging help or waiting around on others.

Today I decided on a whim to try and get him myself. He’s older now. He listens fairly good and can walk with me to the car himself. His teacher knew this was a milestone so she peeked around the corner to make sure we got in the car okay but let us fend for ourselves.


I told Oliver about the awesome team we are as we drove home and snapped a quick shot while waiting at a stop light. He loved it and shrieked, take another mama!

Yeah, we probably could have tried this sooner, but the routine we established when we first became parents has become life. It’s just what we do.  I need to remind myself more often that I can be more independent now and try new things with Oliver alone.

I saw this quote on Facebook today and it seemed fitting.

You must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.  -Christopher Robin to Pooh Bear

3 thoughts on “729 days

  1. hi there!! Congrats!! I know how it is when taking the kids out and also having to watch out so I won't fall down! LOL I have AMC… and my kids call their mommy a penguin! LOL I waddle when I walk, but hey, at least I'm walking! 🙂 I have two kids… Logan is 10 and Amber is 7. It sure was an adventure with Logan… when hubby was at work. He sure was a big baby too! I am just 4'11 and Logan was 21.5 long and almost 9 lbs! But us moms seem to figure out ways to handle things! 🙂 When I was out and about with the kids alone… I used the stroller the most. It provided two uses… one hauling the baby… then a support for the mommy! Worked out well. Keep up the good work!–Maria


  2. Thank you so much for the comment. I love hearing how things are for other AMC moms and what things make life easier. Logan was a big baby! What were your pregnancies like? Did it get hard to move around?


  3. Loving your blog. I just discovered it today via Milwaukee’s LTYM. I can’t wait to see you read your essay when the show is up on You Tube.


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